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At Geonet Properties & Finance Group, we work with some of Australia’s most respected names for finance and banking, to assist our clients in finding not just the perfect property but also the right options for payments and financing.

Our ultra-low refinancing rates & packages can help you lower your payments on your current mortgage, so you can pay it off faster and have more for savings or investing.

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When you refinance your home loan, in the most simple terms, you are replacing your current mortgage with a new one. This is often because there are loan products available with terms or interest rates that are better than those of your current loan.

If you're thinking of refinancing your home loan, our team of brokers have access to some of the lowest rates on the market, as well as flexible home loan options with additional benefits.

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When should you refinance your home loan?

There are many different reasons that homeowners and investors choose to refinance. The most popular, however, is when they feel they can save money with the new loan.

The best time to refinance your loan is when it best suits your financial situation.

  • When lower rates are available.

    Interest rates are currently rising, following a period of incredibly low rates, some of the lowest rates in history. If you haven't refinanced your loan in the last few years, now would be a good time to explore your options.

  • When you need or want to lower your monthly payments.

    With a lower interest rate, your monthly payments are also decreased, which could save you money every month and also over the course of your loan.

  • When you want to pay the loan off faster.

    When you lower your monthly required payment, but can still afford to pay the same amount as before, or even more, doing so can help to pay the loan off faster, and save your money on interest.

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What are the benefits of refinancing?

There are many ways that refinancing can help you and improve your financial situations. Depending on the current rates or packages products, the benefits of refinancing could include:
  • Access to leading market rates

  • Lower monthly repayments

  • Improved management of your finances

  • Shortened loan term, to pay off your loan faster

  • Savings on interest over the course of the loan

  • Faster building of equity

  • Cash back incentives & additional package features may vary.

We work with many of the world's most reputable and trusted names for banking, mortgage financing and lending.
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